The Mission Hill Food Co-op (MHFC) is a pre-order co-op buying club with a delivery every four weeks to a site in Brookline near Coolidge Corner.  We cooperate to order from over 4,000 grocery items — often at a discount. Individual households order whole cases and bulk items and arrange splits with other members.  MHFC once had over three dozen "blocks" all across Boston with thousands of members and a variety of co-op food vendors.  Our block of about a dozen active families is what remains from that effort in the 70's and 80's.

Individual members order on-line via a web site, which facilitates splitting of cases or bulk items among members.  For example, an order might include splits of items like paper towels, tissues, canned soups, beans, olive oil, sparkling cider, frozen fruits, vegetables and entrees plus individual orders of personal care items, power bars and other specialty items. 

Advantages of membership include:

  • Convenient ordering of case lots of many organic, recycled, and fair trade items,
  • Many sale items each month,
  • Pick up near Coolidge Corner in Brookline,
  • Cooperation with neighbors.

Our supplier, United Natural Foods (UNFI), is the leading independent national distributor of natural, organic and specialty foods and related products including nutritional supplements, personal care items and organic produce, in the United States. In addition to supplying retail stores, UNFI serves over 3,000 buying clubs in 34 states.

Aside from submitting the final order and managing the finances, which are currently done by two members who have been doing these tasks long-term, there are no required jobs other than picking up and paying for your order once a month.  There are occasional pot luck gatherings.

If you are interested in trying an order with us, getting a sample copy of the catalog or more information, or getting help in setting up your own pre-order food co-op, contact Cynthia Snow,, 617.731.8725, or Peter Miller,, 617.734.1910.

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